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Build  Bringing Your Landscape to Life

Equinox Landscape installs both gardens it designs and those designed by other architects. Our installation crew is a group of seasoned professionals who are trained in masonry, carpentry, planting, drainage, concrete pouring, low voltage lighting, and water features. What makes our installations stand out from the others?

  • Low-tech, earth-friendly techniques: We build healthy soil, and control weeds and erosion by sheet mulching and applying compost tea.
  • Cutting-edge new technologies: Using the AirSpade, a compressed air tool, we can loosen severely compacted soil while protecting delicate root systems. We also use electronic soil moisture sensors and smart irrigation systems for efficient watering.
  • Our staff are certified rainwater harvesting experts to build systems that capture and use the water that falls for free on your land.
  • Plants are hand-selected from the finest local nurseries. Buying locally saves on pollution caused by the shipping process and guarantees that the plants are acclimated to your climate.
  • Environmentally sensitive materials such as recycled plastic (polymer) can be used for bender boards and, when requested, for decks.
We build and install our projects as if the earth depended on it. Literally.
sustainable residential landscape design

"We were beyond happy with the Equinox crew. You were deeply attuned to the plants, yet impressively flexible and open to the needs and requirements of our project. We've invested a lot of heart and soul into building a vibrant native garden and you earned our trust, and then some, in the cleaning it up and caring for it."

—Misty & Jon, Mill Valley