Design  It Starts with Vision.

You've envisioned your dream garden for years. Or maybe you want a new landscape and don't have a clue where to start. Either way, our award-winning design team will meet with you to collect your ideas, measure the space and make suggestions for plants, materials and features, all specific to your unique location. What distinguishes us from most other North Bay landscape design/build companies is the incorporation of organic gardening knowledge and Permaculture concepts into our landscape designs. Depending on your needs, our designs can include:

  • drought-tolerant, native and edible plants, and vegetable gardens — designed for minimal water use and maximum food production
  • rainwater harvesting
  • laundry-to-landscape greywater systems
  • plantings to attract pollinators, beneficial insects, native birds and wildlife
  • fountains, ponds and other water features
  • artfully integrated patios, trellises, pathways and decks

Our designs are unique, practical and beautiful, reflecting years of landscaping installation experience and ecological awareness.

A description of our design process

sustainable residential landscape design

"We purchased a house with a 'blank slate' two acre field in 2010 and didn't know where to start. Enter Equinox. Within 6 months they completely transformed the property. We have an orchard, chicken yard, raised beds, rainwater catchment, an incredible water feature and outdoor kitchen...the list goes on. Most importantly, everything is thriving and habitats are forming. Watching the birds move in, the worms, frogs, bugs...everything in harmony.

We are so proud of our beautiful, abundant landscaping and feel very lucky to have partnered with Equinox. They were knowledgeable, creative, thoughtful, and really cared every step of the way."

—Kathleen B., Pt. Reyes Station