Maintain  Keeping it beautiful, naturally.

Equinox Landscape maintains landscapes in both Marin and Sonoma County using fine organic gardening techniques and permaculture principles. Our outstanding maintenance work continues to win awards from the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) year after year. As leaders in sustainable landscaping, we are proud that our maintenance division has won awards in both the sustainability categories and the regular maintenance categories, demonstrating that organic gardening is in no way less effective or less attractive than conventional gardening using pesticides. Our hope is that all gardeners will eventually switch to safe, organic methods of gardening to help nurture the earth back to health.

Equinox clients can expect complete landscape maintenance that includes:

  • in-depth plant knowledge and care
  • pruning, fertilizing, mulching
  • natural pest management
  • soil amendment
  • irrigation maintenance and general clean-up

...all provided in an environmentally sensitive way.

If you are interested in our Organic Landscape Maintenance Services, please call us at (415) 456‑6480 in Marin or (707) 789‑9786 in Sonoma to arrange for an appointment.

"I chose Equinox because of its environmental mission and commitment to organic practices, as well as the professionalism of the firm. This year I asked Equinox to help me rip out and replant my little back yard, which was terribly overgrown. The designer created a lovely landscape to meet my needs, and the work was done very well, by great people, exactly as promised. I recommend the firm for any kind of garden planning and maintenance. Great company."
Diane O., Petaluma

"Six years ago we bought an older home that needed new landscaping. After interviewing several contractors, we asked Equinox to do the work. During construction they suggested ways we could reduce water use, improve the soil and provide habitat for local fauna. We subsequently asked them to maintain the yard and the results have been spectacular. The crew is always friendly and open to questions. The crew leader is very knowledgeable about maintaining the natural native garden look I requested. There have been challenges, but the crew leader doesn't give up until I'm happy. They continue to help us improve the spaces, and the plants and animals have thrived. Our water usage and maintenance requirements are minimal, and our living space is all we hoped for. We couldn't be happier!"
Carol (Houzz review)