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Native Gardens  Sustainable. Lush. Bountiful.

Plants that are native to Northern California are truly sustainable choices for landscapes. They are fully adapted to the soil and weather conditions, and have co-evolved with the surrounding wildlife. Though many people think of California natives as drought tolerant, there are a wide variety of natives that span the many microclimates of the region. Some require more water, like those from riparian corridors and wetlands such as California Rush, Leopard Lily, and Sedge. Others require less, like those from the desert and chaparral such as Ceanothus, Manzanita and Sedums. If planted properly in a landscape, they can require no additional watering after the first two years in the ground. Additionally they attract beneficial insects, birds and butterflies, create habitat for these creatures and add nutrients to the soil.

A well-designed, native garden can be lush and blooming in most seasons. With plants such as California Lilac, Fuchsia, Buckwheat, Poppy, Pink Flowering Currant, and Western Redbud, the North Bay has some of the most beautiful plants in the world!

Want to create a native garden oasis in your backyard? Please call us at (707) 789‑9786 to arrange for an appointment.
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"Equinox has proven to be an excellent partner in helping us take control of and care for our large gardens. The maintenance team provide us with organic, earth friendly maintenance and upkeep and great advice on new plantings and ideas that complement our existing landscape. The service is reliable and flexible. We just love knowing our gardens are well cared for using environmentally sound techniques. Thanks Equinox!"

Allison, Sebastopol, CA