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Patrick Picard, CEO and Owner

Our Story

On a September morning in 1999, I awoke to discover a jug of herbicide had spilled out of the back of my work truck, down our driveway and into the base of a beautiful California pepper tree. I frantically hosed the Roundup off the tree roots, creating a sea of foam that confirmed my worst suspicions: I had poisoned the tree.

A week later I had a dream that I cried out to the tree "If you die, I die," and awoke realizing that the health of the tree represented the health of the planet, and our lives depended upon it. I told my wife Heather about my experience and we made a commitment to never use chemicals in our business again.

From that day forward, our business, Equinox Landscape, became a catalyst for change: designing, installing and maintaining gardens that regenerate the soil, save water, and build healthy ecosystems that enhance our clients' lives.

We have won many regional awards over the years for the quality of our work, but in 2013 Equinox Landscape was recognized by the California Landscape Contractors Association with an award for the most sustainable garden in the state. Our work has been featured in Garden Design and Pacific Horticulture magazines and the current edition Sunset Western Garden book.

In 2022 we celebrated our 30th anniversary serving Sonoma and Marin counties, proud to be known as leaders in sustainable landscaping. We offer alternative garden solutions that are not only ecologically sound, but relaxing, bountiful and beautiful.