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Our Team

Patrick Picard
Patrick Picard CEO/Owner

Patrick is a Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscaper who is certified in Permaculture Design and Landscape Water Efficiency. Throughout the Bay Area he is known for pioneering ecological landscape practices and changing the way landscapers in the Bay Area do business. Patrick has spoken on sustainability panels for the North Coast Chapter of the California Landscape Contractors Association and the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, has taught classes for the Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscaper Program, and has led workshops in Sonoma County converting public lawns into neighborhood food forests.

Heather Picard
Heather Picard CFO/Owner

Heather is committed to making a difference in the world by educating the public about ecological landscaping and setting an example for the rest of the industry.

With a Masters degree in Public Administration from Columbia University and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics / Economics from U.C. Santa Barbara, she manages several areas of Equinox including finances, marketing and human resources. She is responsible for the growth and integrity of the company.

James Collector
James Collector Construction Manager

James loves turning designs into reality. He understands that each project is unique and each client has a different relationship with their land. During the installation process, he focuses on clear communication, timely updates, and making sure all the little details come together to form a whole greater than its parts. Educated at UC Berkeley's sustainable development master's program and OAEC's permaculture certification course, James draws from over a decade of hands-on installation experience. For James, landscaping is more than a job—it's central to his ethical commitment to building the beautiful, regenerative future we all know is possible.

Kamala Bennett
Kamala Bennett Designer

Kamala is a regenerative landscape designer and licensed contractor with 20 years experience studying, working and designing ecological landscapes. Co-founder and principal designer of her own design/build firm, as well as Associate Director of the Permaculture Institute of Northern California, she brings initiative and expertise to our team. A degree in World Arts and Culture from UCLA and years as an award-winning set designer for the Hollywood film industry, Kamala's creativity shines through in everything she designs. Her unique approach to landscape design and site planning weaves project objectives, site potential and beneficial plant palettes into whole system landscapes that become functional, living art.

Maynor Davila
Maynor Davila, Maintenance Division Manager

Maynor is a ReScape California and QWEL certified landscaper. He joined Equinox as a gardener in 2017, and quickly demonstrated his value as a crew leader, and now manager of our maintenance division. His passion for water saving irrigation techniques, including rainwater harvesting and grey water irrigation, as well as a strong desire to help build a better future for our planet, has made Maynor an indispensable addition to our team. He spent his formative years playing professional soccer for his home country of Guatemala, and enjoys mixing drinks behind the bar in his down time. He lives in Sonoma County with his family. His daughter is his biggest motivation in life.

Rose Mohan, Assistant Designer

Rose started off her landscape career managing an organic vegetable farm outside of D.C. Inspired by the gardening culture in California, she pursued a degree in Landscape Design and established her own fine gardening company before working for Equinox as a designer, and plant specialist. She is a certified arborist and is QWEL-certified. She also has a BFA in Visual and Performing Arts from Naropa University, which inspires her sense of rhythm and choreography in the landscapes she designs. Rose is passionate about saving water without sacrificing beauty and providing native habitat to support the myriad creatures.

Jennifer Goetz Bookkeeper/Office Manager

Jenn studied landscape design at the University of Idaho and interned for a Point Reyes designer. She fell in love with the Bay Area while also discovering she had an aptitude for organization and business operations. Jenn's career took a new direction and she spent nearly 10 years working as the operations manager for a software company. When she and her husband started their family, she honed her skills and took on freelance bookkeeping clients. In addition to keeping the Equinox books and operations running smoothly, Jenn is a full-time mother of three children and manages to keep a small garden of low-water Mediterranean climate plants.